Company Incorporation

Singapore has an annual ‘Ease of Doing Business index’ currently pegged as the highest in the world. The City-State’s business landscape, characterized by profitable business schemes, low corporate tax rates and excellent tax incentives, has flourished as the most favorable economic location in Asia to incorporate new companies and start-up business entities.

Our commitment is focused on helping you build the company you aspire, whatever it takes.

Incorporating a company entails a lengthy, detailed process of establishing a corporate entity and forging its legal personality under the law. Given its significance, incorporation in Singapore thereby mandates full compliance with myriad company pre-registration requisites and post-incorporation obligations. All these stringent requirements can be a bit overwhelming, especially to entrepreneurs and foreign investors looking to expend their energies innovating and growing their corporate ventures instead of dealing with the technicalities of setting up businesses in Singapore.

In this context, we recognise the essential nature of providing a host of steadfast company incorporation services in strict compliance with the statutory requirements prescribed by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

At Reliance Consulting, convoluted procedures associated with Singapore Company Incorporation are made simple and straightforward. We infuse the delicate process of company registration and incorporation guided by the principles of transparency and accountability. Equipped with a laudable track record in the industry, we take pride in our ability to help you navigate the long course of company incorporation and registration, devoid of hassles and long delays.

We provide the most comprehensive company set up services suited to your unique needs.

Our team has a knack for delivering precisely what our clients need – these being all-inclusive incorporation solutions, ranging from company name approval and reservation to the execution of pertinent documents needed for purposes of incorporation.

Our strength lies in our strong attention to details in forming a new company, whether it concerns the initial steps of securing approval for proposed business names in compliance with the Singapore Companies Act or the more challenging task of preparing and filing documentary requirements, including but not limited to Articles of Association and By-laws of the proposed business, along with Certificates of Identity and Statutory Declaration of Compliance.

In addition, we go the extra mile in helping you settle processing fees promptly and find a suitable corporate office located within Singapore’s business districts.

Under our care, establishing a steadfast offshore corporate entity in Singapore is a guarantee.

Working with us simply means having an experienced team armed with the legal know-how to manage your offshore company incorporation needs while maximising tax savings and incentives to your advantage.

Our expertise in forming an offshore company, also regarded as a paper company or a non-resident company, enables us to strive to keep our clients’ offshore business at par with Singapore’s first-rate standards by resorting to highly efficient and computerised solutions that limit the usual waiting time for offshore company set up.

A successful company always begins with the strongest foundation.

Tap our pool of skilled legal experts in company incorporation who can deliver effective, streamlined business solutions designed to further your business objectives and meet your expectations.

Partner with us to see how hard we work to clothe your new corporate entity with a formidable legal personality. We are more than happy to help you establish a rock solid foundation for your new company every step of the way.