Secretarial Service

Secretarial Service: It’s Not Only Mandated, It’s Also Recommended

Secretarial Service in Singapore may seem like a luxury that only large international corporations have the resources to avail of. But this is not true! The service is both mandated by law and recommended by experts for business development purposes. In short, your company is well advised to avail of said service, if not because it is mandated by law but because your business will benefit from it.

Secretarial Service: It’s Mandated By The Law

Under the laws of Singapore, all companies incorporated in the city-state must have a local company secretary. This is neither something that companies can negotiate with government agencies nor overlook in the hope that nobody will notice so your best course of action is to hire an expert at the service.

Look no further than Reliance Consulting. We will be the best company secretary you have ever worked with and we can service your needs in:

• Local incorporation services from partnerships to limited private companies

• Facilitation of applications for bank loans

• Strike off services

• Application for trademark

• XBRL reporting

• Services for nominee director and shareholder transactions

• Corporate secretarial functions

• General corporate advisory services

Of course, the terms and conditions of our professional relationship will be outlined from the start. But rest assured that you will rest easy because we will deliver the goods, so to speak.

Secretarial Service: It’s Recommended

But even when your company is not mandated by law to hire a company secretary like Reliance Consulting, you are well advised to still go ahead. The benefits of hiring one far outweigh its costs.

First, you have more control over the most important aspects of the company because of the management assistant system in place, thanks to the third-party corporate secretary. Second, you have detailed statutory records including annual financial statements, tax returns and minutes of meeting kept by the corporate secretary while you attend to the more crucial aspects of business management.

Indeed, the cost of the best Secretarial Service in Singapore will pay for itself, so to speak, in the form of compliance with the law coupled with several benefits to effective business management. Why become a penny-pincher about it when you can enjoy it to the full?