Secretarial Services In Singapore

Must-Have Qualities Of A Company Secretary

Far from their previous positions as mere clerks, company secretaries these days are important company officers with extensive responsibilities. This is particularly true in large corporations where secretaries shoulder bigger responsibilities, including ensuring that the company remains in compliance with the requirements of the law.

This is why companies that offer Secretarial Services In Singapore make sure that the secretaries they provide to their clients do not only meet the qualifications prescribed for this post but also can perform their core and additional duties with efficiency and professionalism.

The Roles Of A Company Secretary

The roles of a company secretary may vary depending on which he or she is answerable to. For instance, when dealing with board of directors, a company secretary should act as an advisor. This means that he or she should provide practical support to directors and update them on certain matters so they can fully participate during board meetings.

On the other hand, when dealing with a company, a secretary should ensure that the company complies with its constitution. This means that the company complies with the relevant statutory obligations, pay respect to the business interest of the company, as well as ensure that the board’s decisions are properly carried out. Secretaries are also expected to be present at the registered office address.

When dealing with shareholders, a company secretary is expected to regularly communicate with them. The secretary should ensure that their interests are taken into account. One way to do this is to provide the shareholders with updated copies of financial statements so they can show up prepared during annual general meeting.

Other Factors to Consider:

Given the secretary’s fiduciary duties, the secretary may be held liable for the company’s failure to comply with the law. Whilst it’s true that the ultimate responsibility for complying with legal obligations lies with the directors, a secretary cannot ignore any instance of non-compliance especially since directors depend on the secretary for the guidance on compliance.

When providing a company secretary to clients, corporate service providers usually base and match their selection on the nature and scope of the secretary’s responsibility both as a company officer and employee and on his or her professional qualifications and experience as well.