Singapore Secretarial Services

Singapore Secretarial Services Keep You Compliant

Singapore Secretarial Services Have the Necessary Requirements For The Job

In order to stay compliant with the Companies Act, if you’re a public company, you must have a company secretary. In order to become a company secretary, you have to meet specific requirements. Whether the company is a private or public one, the secretary must meet one of the seven requirements to qualify and keep in compliance with the law.

A qualified person for the position of secretary, under the Legal Professions Act (Cap.161), possesses a registration with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore or your company secretary for three of the last five years. They could also qualify by being a member of the Singapore Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, the Association of International Accountants (Singapore Branch, the Institute of Company Accountants (Singapore Branch) or have the academic or professional qualifications that make them capable of handling all the tasks involved in the job of secretary. It may be difficult to find someone to fill the job. That’s where secretarial services are beneficial.

Singapore Secretarial Services Provide A Company Secretary In Times Of Need

New companies need to have a company secretary. Established companies who lose their secretary or the secretary isn’t in a capacity to act, may use an assistant for the tasks, but only for six months at a time, then the company must have a secretary in place. Whether your company is new or simply needs an interim secretary, you can use a qualified service to help meet your needs.

You need to make certain the secretarial services you select provide a person that is qualified and can complete the tasks required of a secretary. Company secretaries perform three primary types of duties. They prepare meetings and resolutions. They also complete and file legally required forms. Finally, the secretary maintains the statutory registers and returns.

Singapore Secretarial Services Are Beneficial With Other Tasks

Many companies use secretarial services in lieu of appointing a company secretary themselves because of the additional services they offer. You may also find that outsourcing the position often provides other benefits, beyond the mandatory ones required by law. If you need help with other company tasks such as incorporation, opening a bank account or bank loan services, trademark applications or shareholder services, you’ll often find they can provide this type of aid.