Did you know that a Private Limited Company is regarded as the most tax efficient business entity in Singapore? This is because the tax is computed at below 9% for profits up to SGD$300,000 and is capped off at 17% for profits above SGD$300,000. There is also a one-tier tax, which means, once taxed for profits, shareholders can receive their dividends tax-free.

Yet, tax implications are never fun. It is vital that a company manage their tax requirements efficiently and meticulously. Businesses today can either be compliant or padlocked. IRAS has been rigorous in enforcing Singapore’s taxations laws. Thus, proper and efficient compliance is pivotal in securing the long-term success of any business. At Reliance Consulting, our trusted tax professionals will keep you abreast of any developments that may affect your business. Our approach is to partner closely with you to identify and implement up-to-date tax planning strategies that are most suitable for your organisation. We ensure that you are 100% tax compliant, whilst meticulously securing every tax deduction your business is legally entitled to.

Here’s a list of the wide range of Taxation Services we provide:

  • Preparation and filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)
  • Preparation and filling of Corporate Income Tax Return (Form C or Form C-S)
  • Detailed Tax Computation
  • Preparation of Supporting Schedules for tax computation
  • Preparation of Full Annual Financial reports to be submitted to IRAS
  • Expatriate tax services
  • GST compliance (application and submission)
  • GST advisory and review
  • Corporate tax compliance
  • Personal and partnership tax services
  • Tax planning and advisory (tax incentives and exemption)
  • Withholding tax services
  • Cross border tax advisory